Survival heroes Land of Ashai update is now live!

Land of Ashai, the night city, has come to Survival heroes along with the new mechanics, weapons many other features for players to explore! Now, let’s find out what’s ne...

March 12 ,2019

NEWS August 24, 2018

The Revolutionary New Game from Snail Games - Survival Heroes is present for iOS and Android!

Recently, Snail Games have announced that the open beta test of their latest title, Survival Heroes, will be available for both iOS and Android platforms on Aug 30th in the region of SEA. In the meantime, Snail Games have also released a new trailer of Survival Heroes:




MOBA Battle Royale

Survival Heroes infuses new blood into the mobile game market which had been quiet for a long time. It makes a perfect combination of the two most popular game styles, and brings a whole new type, MOBA Battle Royale, to the players.


Unlike traditional 5v5 MOBA games, Survival Heroes adopts the hottest Battle Royale at the moment. Gleaning and collecting while the dangerous circle getting closer. 100players will join the battle of survival in Champville. Explore and develop in the arena to defeat all opponents and stand to the last. The tense and exciting game pace crosses with the surprise of treasure hunting, which brings attractions to the fans of survival games and competitive elements. Meanwhile, the game also comes with familiar MOBA elements, which makes it easier for players to start.





Variable Battle Styles

Not only just guns, Survival Heroes provides various kinds of weapons for players to choose and switch. Each weapon has its advantages. From range to melee weapon, diverse leveling paths make the fight full of surprises. You have to set tactics in real time. Items with different functions can be used to surprise the enemy. At the same time, unique costumes are also available for players. Use your imagination to make your own battle style. In addition, Snail Games also revealed their ambition to continue to create new elements and contents to keep the game fresh and new.



Besides solo work, team play is also available in Survival Heroes. Use voice chat which is provided inside the game and make the best teamwork.



Already Hits Before Launch 

In the previous open beta test on Google Play, Survival Heroes has received continuous praise and recommendations from Southeast Asian players since the beginning, capturing the attention of thousands of players. So far, the pre-registration on Google Play has almost reached one million and is still growing. Enthusiastic players are also keeping following the news feed from the official communities, looking forward to the official game launch.



Have Fun on Both iOS and Android

Survival Heroes will be launched simultaneously on Google Play and App Store in the Southeast Asia region. For iOS players who haven't been able to play this game before, now it’s time to gather your friends and family to play together, even with players from different platforms. In addition, don't forget to pre-register on Google Play and App Store so you will be able to enter the arena at the very first moment.


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Please stay tuned on official communities of Survival Heroes for the latest news feed!