Survival heroes Land of Ashai update is now live!

Land of Ashai, the night city, has come to Survival heroes along with the new mechanics, weapons many other features for players to explore! Now, let’s find out what’s ne...

March 12 ,2019

NEWS August 30, 2018

MOBA Battle Royale is Finally Here! Survival Heroes is Available Now for iOS and Android!


Today, the MOBA Battle Royale title made by Snail Games, Survival Heroes, is finally available on both iOS and Android platforms in the region of SEA! Download it now and you will be able to join the battle immediately!



Launch Reward for Everyone

To celebrate the launch of the game in SEA, every player that log into the game during the first week of the launch, including the ones pre-registered, will receive a special package we’ve prepared. Set an alarm on your calendar and remind your friends to avoid missing the special chance!



Surprise Your Enemy

Survival Heroes has established a whole new game type – MOBA Battle Royale. Inside the arena Champville, 100 players will skydive to join the battle of survival. Instead of having fixed skills, survivors will have the chances to loot all over the place for the weapons they prefer. Each weapon has its own advantage. Use it properly with the functional items will make the game full of surprise. Your enemy will never know what’s your next move. But also, you need to pay attention to the dangerous circle when it’s getting closer.




Easy to Control

In contrast to common Battle Royale games, Survival Heroes adopts a MOBA controlling system, which had become popular to most players. It helps the fans take less time to start and provide more time to enjoy the fun.



Make Your Own Style

In Survival Heroes, you will be able to own stylish costumes with different designs. Take your time to find the one that matches with your flavor, and use your imagination to make a great mix with your battle style.



Party with Your Mates

In addition, Survival Heroes also provides internal voice chat. In this case, when you want to play in the dual or squad mode, you and your friends will be able to send commands seamlessly and make a better teamwork!



To the Top of the Season

With the launch of Survival Heroes, the season event will become available at the same time. Sharpen your techniques and aim for the No.1 on the rank list. You can have practices with your friends, or even team up with them and fight together to be the greatest Survival Squad!
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Play Now on Both iOS and Android

Survival Heroes is now launched simultaneously on Google Play and App Store in the Southeast Asia region. Call your friends and play together without platform restriction.


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Please stay tuned on official communities of Survival Heroes for the latest news feed!